Immigrant stabbed to death in Athens

source: egainst

On Sunday morning, at 04.30 am, approximately, an Iraqi immigrant was stabbed to death on Anaxagora Street (Athens) by a group of far right thugs. According to eye-witnesses, the perpetrators of the attack were five motorcyclists who, a few hours earlier, in the same area, attempted to attack another two migrants but, successfully, managed to escape.

Later on, a young male called Andreas Asimakopoulos, in his Facebook account, declared that he participated in this murderous attack, while throwing death threats against a political opponent. More specifically he writes “come meet me and I will take care of your little body, as we did yesterday with the Iraqi immigrant, and then you will make up your mind” (free translation).

It is estimated, that this is nothing more but a revenge attack, as about a week ago, a young girl had been beaten up by a Pakistani immigrant in Paros island. The 15 years old girl has been hospitalised and is still in critical condition.

In the past few days, the Greek police have been conducting a large anti-immigrant operation in the centre of Athens. According to the released information, 1,500 people were detained between 2-3 of August and another 4,900 in the 4th day of the same month (6,400 in total).

This mass persecution has been taking place in Athens and in Evros (an area very close to the borders with Turkey). At least 1,630 foreigners have been arrested and are facing deportation.


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