Greece: August 2012 report

police in largest ever pogrom operation in the centre of Athens

In the past few days, police have been conducting their largest ever pogrom operation in the centre of Athens. According to the released information, 1,500 people were detained by police in the first two days of the operation (August 2-3) and another 4,900 in its third day alone (August 4). The operation has been taking place in Athens and in Evros, at the NE border with Turkey. At least 1,630 people have been arrested and are facing deportation.

In an Orwellian twist, the racist pogrom operation has been named “Zeus Xenios” — the ancient god of travelers and hospitality.

The racist operation is continuing for a fourth day today (Sunday, Aug 5). It appears that today’ s operation is centred around Omonoia Square, Monastiraki, Mars’ Fields (Pedion tou Areos) and Vathis Square, all in central Athens. We are getting reports that police stop, search and detain all migrants in their path, regardless of whether or not they carry documents.

source: occupied London

13th of August: A young man 19 years old lost his life after an racist attack, near Geraniou street in the center of Athens. 5 people on motorbikes approached him and beat him with a knife. Unluckily the young man died few hours later in the hospital.After his murder, it still remains uncertain if one of the participants in the racist attack, accidentally confessed the murder on a facebook post.

greek source: grassrootreuter

24th of August: Approximately 3000 immigrants participated in a rally organized by anti-racist organizations in Athens. Its remarkable that the participation of greek people was very small. According some reports on the web, they were not more than 100 greek participants. A video from the rally bellow

greek source: “various sources”

24th of August: A delegation of the anti-racist rally, which consisted from the deputy of SYRIZA Voula Katrivanouthe president of Pakistani community of Greece and a member of antirasict group P. Konstantinou arrived in the parliament to table a resolution. In the courtyard of the building was standing the deputy of the fascist party Golden Dawn D. Koukoutsis who directed towards them, grabbed P. Constantinou and Tz. Aslam, and taunted them , in front of the guards who didn’t directly response.

greek source

26th of August: A 30 year-old immigrant from Egyst was seriously injured and transferred to the Hospital of Amaliada, while two residents were arrested by men of the police.

In accordance with the, the two men, under unknown conditions so far, attacked to the 30-year old Egyptian, and then they “trapped” him in the car door and dragged him on the road for about one kilometre.

It is worth noting that this was the third officially recorded, event of violence against foreign immigrants who are living in the area, and for the first time in such an incident, involving an immigrant from Egypt.

greek source:

28th of August: A homophobic attack against two guys in the center of Athens by neonazis.A Pakistani man and others who were witnessing the circumstance, run to help.  Luckily the two men were not seriously injured.

  greek source:


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