Greece: Golden Dawn thugs attack foreign street vendors

The above video shows a street vendor’s report of an attack by a small group of street thugs and members of the Greek far-right party Golden Dawn (GD) in Rafina (district of Athens). The far-right gangs destroyed the merchandise of the vendors, only because they are immigrants.


In the second video one can see the vendors complaining that the Greek police is reluctant to take action against the attackers. Similar anti-immigrant thuggery recently took place in many other areas of Athens, and also in the city of Messolonghi, where MPs of the ultra-nationalist and openly xenophobic GD, ruthlessly assaulted migrants.
Greek authorities have been accused by many Human Rights organisations and activists for collaborating with neo-nazis, or offering poor treatment to refugees. Amnesty International has urged Greece to stop Treating Asylum Seekers as Criminals, as violence against foreigners often comes from police officers.
In September 2012, the UN refugee agency, called the asylum situation in Greece a “humanitarian crisis” and urged the Greek authorities to speed up the asylum system reforms. Since then, the situation only worsened and it seems that anti-immigrant violence in the country is totally out of control. Attacks against immigrants is a daily phenomenon. Just a month ago, an Iraqi immigrant was stabbed to death on Anaxagora Street (Athens).  A young man called Andreas Asimakopoulos, in his Facebook account, declared that he participated in this murderous attack. Since then, he remains un-arrested!
MPs and supporters of Golden Dawn appear responsible for using methods of vigilantism in order to “restore public order” and “clear up the country from the invaders” (as this is the main party slogan). They have, also, many times, used violence against leftists, anarchists and other political opponents.

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