Attack on journalist by Golden dawn and a priest


MP Ilias Panagopoulos of neo-nazi party “Golden dawn” that led the attack alongside party followers and priests

A theatre critic with Lifo newspaper has described how he was beaten to the ground by a gang of Golden dawn members by including an MP, while police looked on indifferently. The incident took place outside the Chytirio theatre in Athens which is staging the play Corpus Christi. Arguing that the play is “blasphemous” – it depicts Jesus and the apostles as gay men as a metaphor for the acceptance of the gay community in society – Golden Dawn members, priests and religious extremists picketed the venue, at one stage trying to storm the building. YouTube videos show one Golden Dawn MP hurl crude racist and homophobic abuse at theatre goers, and another MP removing a man previously detained by riot police from a police truck – all while the police look on.

In the framework of protests by religious groups and the extreme-right in front of the Chytirio theatre of Athens which is staging the play Corpus Christi, Twitter user @manolis describes that he went through the following (from his TL, translated by @amaenad):
“At the entrance of the theatre, there were Golden Dawn and priests tearing down the show posters and stepping on them.  I took out my mobile to take pictures for the blog. 5 Golden Dawners and a cop surrounded me. They ask ‘Are you a journalist?’ I say “I write for lifo”, hoping to escape a beating. Quite the opposite. They pull me aside, call me ‘faggot’ and ‘queer’, pull my beard, spit in my face, hit me in the stomach.  Cops nearby. I shout “They’re beating me, do something?” Reply : I’ve nothing, move along please. The cop’s wearing 3 stars. They put a lit cigarette in my pocket. A woman standing near warns me, in front of the cop. He pretends he hasn’t heard.  I start to get scared, move away from the entrance. They shout after me ‘Go away, you dirty faggot, go suck someone’s cock!’ I turn back to observe. A known Golden Dawn MP follows me, punches me twice in the face, knocks me down. Downed, I lose my glasses. The Golden Dawn MP kicks me. The police are exactly 2 steps away. Their backs are turned. Repeatedly, I shout to the cop “THEY”RE PUNCHING ME, DO SOMETHING!” Back still turned, he walks away. The rest of them shouting at me next to the police officer “Cry, you pussy, queen, little girl” We pass dozens of cops hanging out. I tell them I was beaten at theatre entrance. They ignore me. One blows me a sarcastic kiss.



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