new video: Nearing the edge by Ross Domoney

The 7th November was the night the Greek government passed the next round of deeply unpopular austerity measures. Thousands took to the streets to vent their anger. As the crowds grew, the rain hammered down, and the police were soon to violently disperse the crowds. The security forces for the first time in Athens, used water cannons on old and young people alike. Both sides are becoming increasingly prone to violence, as outside forces continue to dictate Greece’s sovereignty.



4 thoughts on “new video: Nearing the edge by Ross Domoney

  1. While looking this video two things appear to my mind. On one side i somehow think that resistance is important and should be supported, but on the other side i don´t want to support people, who are homophobic and sexists.

  2. “The Verhältis of Nazism to a rebellion of nature was complex. Since such a rebellion, so ‘real’ as it is, is always a regressive element includes, from the outset it is useful as a tool of reactionary purposes.”

    Max Horkheimer, “Critique of instrumental reason”

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