A new fascist organization inspired by the principles and “success” of the greek Golden Dawn, was founded in Northern Italy

A new fascist organization inspired by the principles and “success” of the greek Golden Dawn, was founded in Northern Italy.  The italian Golden dawn wants to clean up the northern italian region of Lombardy from “criminal immigrants”, corruption and the mafia. They also want to turn the region into a “canton” with a local currency. These are just some points of the program of Golden Dawn Italy which was presented by national secretary Alessandro Gardossi. The Party will run for the regional elections in March next year.
(photo: the fascist leaders of Golden Dawn Italy Alessandro Gardossi and Andrea Bubba)
The Italian counterpart of Golden Dawn officially refuses the xenophobic rhetorics, (“Violence does not help, we stand for social rights, first of all for Italians”), said Gardossi, who in the past was a member of the neofascist Forza Nuova and the right-wing populist Lega Nord. After opening offices in five cities in Lombardy (Milano, Lodi, Varese, Brescia) Golden Dawn Italy wants to become an institutional party.
“We will run to win”, said Gardossi “the Lombards are fed up with corruption and thievery. There are vulnerable groups who do not feel represented by anyone, neither by the right nor by the left. We are collecting signatures and choosing our candidates.” They call themselves “i dorati” (the golden ones) want to make primary elections and choose theri candidate for the guide of the party.
The three candidates for this position so far, are the regional secretary Daniel Granata, from Varese, the secretary of the section in Milano, Giorgio Borghesi, and Antonio De Domenico from Brescia, a former trade unionist.
The Leader of the party defines himself as antizionist, and aims to reach a “dictatorship of intelligence”, he said to have admiration for the economic policy of Adolf Hitler and for the welfare state under Benito Mussolini.
The main points in the program are:
First: Separatism. Gardossi said they want to promote a referendum to create a new form of independent judicial form called “Canton Lombardy”, which should be similar to Catalunya
Second: a new local or “additional” currency, to be used until the return of the “New Lira”.
Beside that the party has the usual open anti-immigration rethorics (“There is no need to put it in the program, people know about it anayway”), and they want to fight against the power of the banks, of the unions (wich “harm both workers and honest employers”) and finally, they want to fight against the mafia.
Italian source: La Republica Milano

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