Athens’s Medical Association promptly condemns Golden Dawn’s ‘Doctors with… borders’


The Medical Association of Athens and its president Mr G. Patoulis (Mayor of Maroussi) reacted promptly to Golden Dawn’s announcement that they will create an organisation named “Doctors with Borders” as opposed to the “Doctors without Borders” that provide gratis medical and nursing services to anyone in the world who needs them.

Mr Patoulis commented on the announcement of the extreme nationalist party by saying: “they are funny”. He added: “Each has to carry out the role that he was appointed. State shortcomings cannot become prey of party exploitation. But those who can offer to our fellow beings should do it in a certified way, in certified places and the proffering of services should come from certified workers”.

At the same, the Health Minister A. Lykourentzos commented: “The National Health System today offers high quality services and covers the entire Greek people, as well as third country nationals who are in need and suffering”.

During the last three months members, but also MPs of the Golden Dawn, have been threatening to carry out checks in public hospitals and were declaring that “they will kick our foreigners, so that Greeks will occupy their places”. They delivered the same threat even against nurseries.

[Source: TO VIMA newspaper, 05/12/2012, found online at]

taken from: I cant Relax in Greece


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