video from the riots in Athens December 2012

Greece Riots: Fierce street battles erupt in Athens (December 6, 2012)

Video from yesterday’s fierce riots at the Exarhia area of Athens in Greece 4 years after the murder of 15 years old boy Alexis Grigoropoulos by a policeman on December 6, 2008, a night that that changed Greece forever and became known as The December Revolt.

The murder within hours sparked a wave of riots and attacks against police stations even in remote small towns of Greece, that lasted for almost a month.

After the first few days of responsive riots something changed. The riots turned into squatting of public buildings calling for local assemblies. Thousands of people that had never met before started to meet locally and discuss in a non hierarchical way not just the problem of police brutality, but all the socio-economic issues that affected them and begun taking action along with others.

This gave birth to the social resistence and social solidarity movements across greece and the opening of dozens of small social centers all over.

Even after 4 years since that day it is still sometimes difficult to watch scenes from those days without watery eyes, while for a brief moment people touched “utopia”.


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