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new occupation in rome remembers alexis


On December 6th, the day of the social strike in Italy, a group of students and precarious workers occupied a building on via ostiense 124 in Rome which was abandoned for years. The new „liberated place“, which was one of ten new occupations made on the same day by different groups and collectives in several areas of the Italian capital, was dedicated to Alexis Grigroropoulos, murdered four years ago in Athens by a Greek policemen, „because we share his needs, because we are forever united in our desires and our struggles“, as the group writes in a communiqué.
Alexis, this is the name of the place, will be a house „for students and precarious workers“ who cannot afford the horrendous rents they were forced to pay for years, mostly without any kind of guarantee or even regular contract on a completely deregulated market. The housing emergency which Rome is facing since a long time has sharpened as a consequence of the economic crisis and doesn´t hit only the lower layers of society, but is getting dramatic for a vast majority of people.

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