Christmas canceled for migrants in Greece

 The Greeks love to go about their hospitality and closeness to people and their warm welcome…but only for tourists when it comes down to the migrants in this country it’s a different story altogether.
 The Greek state might suffering from a lot of social and political diseases plus plenty of useless bureaucracy but the “machine” of the state is well oiled and punctual when it comes down prosecuting the weakest in society. Duty comes always first for the ministers, attorneys and police as operation “Friendly Zeus” is still in full swing even during the festive season.
There is no rest for the wicked, Christmas or no Christmas, nightmare goes on for migrants there 24/7
.Last Monday Christmas Eve the Greek police arrested 231 migrants and jailed 5 of them for not having the necessary legal documents.
From the start of the operation “Friendly Zeus” they have been arrested 65,017 migrants!
Stats and pic were taken from the rest by Glykosymoritis

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