Pakistanis attacked with clubs in Larissa – Pupils amongst the offenders

An attack against immigrants in a grocery store at the intersection of Aiolou and Seferis Street took place yesterday at 8.30 pm. The group of the attackers consisted of 15 to 20 young men including pupils, according to the reports.


source: I can’t relax in Greece

According to reports in the local press, the perpetrators of the attack were wearing jackets, holding wooden clubs and shouting racist slogans when they rushed raging against the group of Pakistanis gathered at the spot.

One of them was injured in the scuffle and he was taken to the General Hospital of Larissa, where he received first aid and stitches by the doctors.

Policemen from Larissa’s police department rushed to the place of the incident adn arrested 11 people in total. Some of the foreigners were also taken to the Police Department in order to identify the perpetrators of the attack.

Once the tragic event became known, representatives of Larissa’s Labour Centre and SYRIZA together with members of anti-racist Initiative gathered outside the Police Department’s building expressing their support towards the victims.

The preliminary interrogation lasted till late in the night and official announcements from the Police Department of Larissa are expected to be issued today.

[Source: Ethnos newspaper, 25/01/2013, found online at:]


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