Question marks over the death of an immigrant in Thisseio

The Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat (KEERFA) claim that the 39-year-old immigrant from Senegal (working as a street vendor) that died on ISAP’s train tracks was at that moment being chased by policemen of the Municipality of Athens.


The police are carrying out an investigation regarding the tragic accident that took place on Friday night. Till now there has been no formal announcement from the police declaring that will use any of the testimonies or the video from the station’s security cameras in order to examine the circumstances and the causes of the incident.

According to the information that we have so far, the man fell on the train tracks, was electrocuted and expired before the ambulance arrived.

As P. Constantinou from KEERFA wrote, “The chase by a police team from the municipality of Athens in Thisseio resulted in the murder of Chiekh Ndiaye, 39 years old from Senegal.

The fierce attack by the municipal police did not stop even when the vendor came to an impasse over the train station’s bridge, where a municipal police officer kept pursuing him until he fell landinf with his head on the lines. This is where he breathed his last.

There followed an orgy of police arbitrariness and terror in the vulgar presence of Dendias’s uniformed neo-Nazis. They arrived swearing vulgarly and they sprayed with chemicals and attacked with clubs against the immigrants and KEERFA members that had immediately assembled at the spot.

He concludes: “The policy of Dendias’s racist ‘sweep’ operations resulted in death just like last summer. This barbaric policy was supported by Kaminis’s Municipal Authority that has been carrying out attacks against vendors, invasions of the Economics University and the occupied self-organized spaces. We urge the City Council of Athens to depose those responsible for the attack against vendors and to abandon the racist co-operation with the murderous policies of Dendias”.

According to witnesses about 200 people—immigrants from Senegal and people in solidarity— gathered shortly after 10 pm at the station of Thisseio, where the tragic accident happened. Then came squads of riot police, who attacked the assembled people using chemicals. There were some arrests and the rest of the gathered crowd—mostly immigrants—left the place with a demonstration march.

[Source: Eleftherotypia newspaper, 02/02/2013, found online at:]

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