news from Greek seamen’s strike

Supporters of striking ferrymen have marched yesterday through the  port of Piraeus, a day after the government threatened arrests and jail time if they did not get back to work.

The seamen’s strike has already lasted seven days, and President of the Panhellenic Commercial Sailors’ Union Antonis Dalakogeorgos says strong arm tactics by the state will not work:

“If the government thinks that by trying to criminalise our battle and through measures of terror – such as issuing an order – it will resolve the issue of the seamen and workers in general, it is fooling itself,” Dalakogeorgos said.

This is the second time in less than a fortnight that Athens has resorted to emergency legislation to keep the country moving. Last time was in reaction to a protracted subway workers’ strike.

A small number of ferries are setting sail, but the lengthy shipworkers’ walkout has caused shortages on several Greek islands that rely on the mainland for everyday supplies.



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