Thessaloniki: March against gold mining 09/03/2013

A massive demonstration, approximately 10000 people are marching  in Thessaloniki Greece against the mining of Gold in Chalkidiki and Evros regions. The residents of this two areas had to face for years now an unimaginable oppression by the Greek state in an effort of the state to advance the interests of the local/foreign companies, especially in Skouries, Chalkidiki.

The company Hellenic Gold  wants to extract the gold  from the Chalkidiki mountains and does not care what so ever about the environment, deforestation, water pollution and quality of life of people. Residents have hit back and faced and facing the wrath of the Greek state with hundreds of riot police sent to their villagers, branch police intermediate all, even kids as young as 15b year old, special forces of the anti terrorist branch of Greek police drugging the kids out of their schools for questioning and keeping them in custody without charges for hours.

source: glykosymoritis


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