Last sunday: locals say no to golden dawn in tsaritsani Larisa.

On 12 March completed 70 years of the Holocaust of Tsarisani, the heinous crime committed by the Italian occupation troops and greek nazi partners. Tsaritsani  is a village and a short-lived community in the Larissa regional unit, Thessaly, Greece. Every year the local community of the village organizes a commemoration anniversary for the victims of the village. This year members and an MP of the neo-nazi party Golden Dawn came to the village in order to participate to the event. The participants directly announced to the Nazis that they re not welcome to the anniversary and that political instigators and their “grandfathers”  were responsible for the village holocaust. Finally the neo nazis left the area after the people made a “human chain” , not allowing the nazis to get closer to the victims monument and expel them, as you can also see on the video,

greek source:


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