Students revolt in Greece over “Athina”…

 In loads of trouble seems to be the greek coalition government, nothing new here, over the education “Athina” project, that has succefully mobilise against it, students and teachers from all over the country.  Yesterday, students as well as teachers and admin employees of the philosophical school of the Kapodistrian university of Athens had a demo outside the University. As they say they will do everything they can to protect the autonomy and independence of the foreign languages and philosophy courses of the university and also the course of psychology of their school. Reaction though it’s not taking place  only in Athens alone but all over the universities and colleges of the country, yesterday in the north of Greece in the city of Kozani students occupied the City hall in an effort to highlight their opposition to the plans of the government. Today at 12.00 noon the students from the third level technical schools together with students unions from all over the country are planning to blockade the Ministry of Education as an act of opposition to the governments plans.
greek source Κουτί της Πανδώρας  english by Glykosymoritis

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