Nazi salute by AEK Athens fc player

At the same time in the second largest greek city, Thessaloniki, people were commemorating the Holocaust and the loss of nearly all it’s Jewish population* at the hands of the Nazis. Meanwhile in Veroia, a city not that far from Thessaloniki, at a football match between the local club Veroia and AEK, a 20 year old midfielder from AEK Athens, @GiwrgosKatidis, celebrated his own goal the following way… Took his shirt off and ran towards his team’s fans, stood opposite them and gave them a nazi salute!

Quote of the player: “I celebrated this way to encourage our fans to back us up. For me that gesture means nothing. It was a celebration that is associated with the specific party Golden Dawn and I did it to boost fans celebrations”!!

It’s seems to us that @GiwrgosKatidis isn’t aware of the history of the club he plays for. Everyone knows in greece that AEK is a migrants team that takes pride in this single fact.

Watch the video of the whole thing here.

*Out of 46,091 Jews deported by the nazis to Auschwitz-Birkenau from Thessaloniki only 1,950 survived.

Greek source Το κουτί της Πανδώρας translation Glykosymoritis


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