Greek neo-Nazi party calls for boycott to Turkish serials

The greek neo-nazi party Golden dawn and its leader has called on the nation’s citizens to boycott Turkish soap operas. The neo-nazis are calling for a demonstration on 25th of March which is the Greek independence day holiday in front of mega channel TV station.  According to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet : They neo-nazi leader said:  “I call on deputies of Golden Dawn and its supporters not to watch Turkish series,” party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos was quoted as saying. He also recommended not watching the commercials that run during the airing of Turkish shows.

Michaloliakos said it was a “shame” that Turkish shows were being aired in Greece, which had a “unique” cultural heritage and said friendly relations between Turks and Greeks was against the well-being of Greece and its citizens.

The neo-Nazi leader said they would bring the issue of the popularity of Turkish soap operas to the Greek Parliament’s agenda and would ask the Greek broadcasting authority to intervene.

source: Hurriyet


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