Golden Dawn And Italian Neo-Fascism: A Love Story

Since the crisis began in Italy, the word “Greece” has progressively ceased to define a country and has become a menace, a bad omen, a political stick designed to bash opponents’ heads.

I’ve heard countless times Italian politicians saying “we’re not Greece”, “we’re not going to end like Greece” – and so on. For example, last February outgoing PM Mario Monti and PD’s leader Pierluigi Bersani both accused comedian Beppe Grillo of “wanting to turn Italy into Greece.” During his campaign, Beppe Grillo himself repeatedly shouted that “If we don’t succeed, we are headed for a new kind of fascism, an Italian-style Golden Dawn”.

While this prospect is truly frightening for the majority of people, some far-right fringe parties are wet dreaming of a Greek-style scenario and trying really hard to reproduce Golden Dawn exploits.

“We must act like Golden Dawn”, said a couple of months ago Daniele Lopolito, a Forza Nuova (New Force, a neo-fascist party founded in 1997) candidate in the next Rome municipal election. And he meant it. On the 19th of March, one of the several Forza Nuova’s Rome local branches launched an initiative aimed at “protecting the weaker members of society”  – elderly people whose personal safety “is endangered by immigration and petty thieves” – by escorting them to the supermarket and to collect their pensions. “We will personally guarantee elderly people’s safety”, reads a statement put out by the party. Read the rest of the article on The Crisis Republic


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