Golden Dawn attempts to re-write history

I can't relax in Greece

Friday, 15th March, 7:30 am. A couple from Phillipines waits at the traffic lights to cross Kifisias st.,  near the ‘President’ hotel.


When the light turns green, the man holds his partner’s hand, they cross the street and dissapear in the narrow streets of Ampelokipoi. Golden Dawn’s public gathering at the hotel’s basement has already started and it is the first official appearance of the organization in this quiet migrant neighborhood.

At the entrance of the hotel a girl walks past us. She is elegant and looks like she’s got a professional meeting. We follow her as she goes past the reception and heads toward the stairs. “The gathering?”, she nods to the sizeable security guard. “Two levels down” he answers stepping at the same time aside. In the comme il faut lobby, you can hear reverberating the slogan… “blood – honour – Golden Dawn”. As we walk down…

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