Immigrant threatening to commit suicide in Paranesti, Drama

An immigrant from Afganistan who is detained at Paranesti detention center, close to the city of Drama, was threatening to commit suicide protesting against his long-lasting confinement.

The 26 year-old immigrant climbed on a tree saying that he will jump off unless he is let free, without finally fulfilling his threats. The fire brigade was called in order to deal with the incident, and finally the young man climbed off the tree with a ladder. The incident took place on Wednesday in the early afternoon, but it had not been announced by the police until yesterday. In Paranesti detention center there are approximately 300 immigrants kept at the moment. Most of them are waiting for their political asylum applications to be examined.

[Translated article from ‘Makedonia’ newspaper, 08/03/2013, found online at:]

source: I cant relax in Greece


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