the greek black anniversary of 21 April 1967

On 21 April 1967, just few weeks from the scheduled elections, right-wing army officers led by Stilianos Patakos, George Papadopoulos organized a coup. Army under the orders of the fascist colonels invaded Athens with military tanks, early in the morning of April 21st. The colonels official justification for the coup was that a “communist conspiracy” had infiltrated the state, intellectuals etc and only the brigades of the army can protect the country from “the communists”. The fascist dictatorship known also as junta, lasted 7 years (until 1974) and many people murdered, sent to exile, tortured. In current days the fascist party leaders of golden dawn have officially inserted the “pro-junta propaganda” in the political life of the country. Recently one of the golden dawn leaders Papas waved a banner with the logo of the military dictatorship in a meeting of the neo-nazis in Crete, as a response to those who accused Papas that supports openly the regime of junta. Watch the video below

Today antifascist groups and organizations all over the country are organizing public events and manifestations, trying to inform and discuss concerning the dark period of 1967-74. You can read a full list of events in the country at


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