Manolada attack victims had received threats

The involvement of the landowner in Manolada, where the bloody atttack against immigrant workers took place, results from new evidence coming to light.

Manolada strawberries

In particular, as Mega TV reported, wednesday noon, before the attack, the landowner met with some of the workers and threatened them that if they insisted on claiming  the money he owed them they would be putting their lives in risk.

“You will not get away with this”, he reportedly said to them.

There is a video of the scene recorded with a cellphone, which is now held by the police.

On Monday the landowner as well as the three caretakers will testify to the chief investigator. The landowner is accused with incitment to murder with intent, while the three caretakers have been accused of felonies for their involvement in the bloody attack.

The perpetrators claim that they fired on the ground for intimidation of some 200 immigrants who had gathered demanding their 6 months unpaid wages.

Controls are picking up.

After the bloody incident, the Economic Police assisted by local police and units of  occupational inspectors and the special control service of IKA started audits in companies packing and marketing agricultural products, in agricultural cooperatives and in cases of trafficking of agricultural products  from trucks for private use.


[Translated from, 20/04/2013, found online at:]

source: I cant relax in Greece


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