Crossing Into the Unknown: The Plight of Migrants in the Fields of Greece (Huffington Post UK)

This report is based on extensive field work (February-March 2013) on the island of Crete (Herakleio, Ierapetra, Anogeia) and it is a joint research project with photographer Stylianos Papardelas

The recent shooting of Bangladeshi workers, in South Greece, after they demanded outstanding wages might have shocked the nation, but it has put in the spotlight the plight of migrants that enter Greece every year; migrants seeking a better life within the European Union.


As Greece enters its fifth year of recession – and Greeks are reeling under the weight of salary slashes, a rising tax burden and euro zone’s highest unemployment rate – life for migrants is becoming tougher amid rising racism as well as a drop in living standards. However, third country nationals are still widely used as cheap labor notably in constructions and the agricultural sector.

(Read the full report and see the pictures on the website of Huffington Post UK:

source: I cant relax in Greece


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