Golden Dawn’s… pure blood

Invasions in hospitals

Golden Dawn’s announcement that today they will be donating “blood for Greeks” has alarmed the employees in hospitals throughout the country.


POEDIN, their federation, asked yesterday that all unions should stay alert. They asked them to take the necessary measures in order to ensure strict compliance with the rules and guidelines for the conduct of voluntary blood donation and to prevent the  Golden Dawn from converting it into a “feast of national and racial purity”.

POEDIN requests from the Minister of Health to promptly proceed to the necessary actions that will deter the ideological and political exploitation of the institutional framework of blood donation.

They emphasize that Golden Dawn’s obsession with such initiatives despite the disapproval of the whole of society and the scientific authorities and the categorical assurance that in every blood donation the blood is donated and provided independently of race or colour proves, once again, its commitment to the values and ideals of fascism.

Golden Dawn members have tried twice to create impressions by donating blood in public hospitals. Last July they asked from the administration ‘Sotiria’ hospital to create a blood bank exclusively for Greeks.


The day before yesterday Golden Dawn members invaded the General State Hospital of Nikaia and demanded – unsuccessfully – to donate blood “for Greeks only”

Mr Giannis Stefanou, the hospital’s director at the time, had informed all services that such distinctions cannot be made and that the rules of blood donations apply to all. The hospital’s administration emphasizes that the blood is provided to any patient is in need of it, regardless of race, colour and party affiliation.


[Translated from ‘Ethnos’ newspaper, 26/04/2013, found online at:]

source: I cant relax in Greece


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