April 2013 in Greece: A monthly review by dotg blog

This is the monthly review of the blog with the most important news that were documented here on April 2013 . All the news and the articles  are mostly translated into english from several greek newspapers, websites and blogs.

picApril 1st: Villagers on the Greek island of Thassos have prevented the nationalist Golden Dawn party from handing out free food and other basic goods. To Vima says the anti-Golden Dawn protest in Potamia was organised by the cultural centre, local football team and some other residents. Thassos is in the northern Aegean Sea, near the coast of Thrace. Earlier Golden Dawn had distributed food in the village of Limenaria, but few had accepted the charity, the report said.  source BBC

vlamakis-fournosApril 2nd: Rallies and protest marches followed the April 2 incidents in Chania, Crete, between Golden Dawn members against leftist, anti-fascist organizations and the Communist party members. The incidents resulted in the arrest of six people, four Golden Dawn members and two members of anti-fascist organizations. It all started when about 20 Golden Dawn members have attacked to 3 migrants in the centre of the city and provoke members of the Communists Party (KKE). KKE organized a mass protest after the racist incidents with the support of other leftist – antifascist groups in the city. The famous neo-nazi in Chania Vlamakis  was found in the waters of the Venetian Port after a wild battle with antifascists.

pappas-thumb-largeApril 5th: Nikos Pappas, a former Greek navy commander who is best remembered for striking a major blow to the 1967-1974 junta’s prestige and power by leading a mutiny, has died. He was 83. In May 1973, Pappas was the commander of the Velos, which was participating in a Nato patrol in Italian waters. During the exercise, when he heard that a number of democratically minded officers had been arrested in Greece, Pappas refused to sail the destroyer back to Greece, taking it instead to Italy, where he and several officers and crew members requested political asylum. It was one of the first sign of resistance by the military toward the dictatorship. Anchored at Faliro Bay, the Velos has been transformed into a museum, focusing on the antidictatorship struggle from 1967 to 1974. Pappas was born in 1930 in Kymi, on the island of Evia. source: enet english

xanthiApril 6th: 3.000 people of any kind and age had demonstrated yesterday against fascism and racist violence in Xanthi (North Greece). The main slogan of the demo was “united against fascism” , where Greek Muslims, Greek Christians, left organizations etc had came together in the biggest demonstration in the history of the city. According the local media, the demonstration was a great example against fascist terrorism and it comes from a multicultural city such as Xanthi. you can watch a video of the protest here

flag_4April 7th: Two hunger strikers from the hundreds that began yesterday in the migrants detention camp of Amigdaleza  attempted to suicide. One migrant from Block 13 of the camp used broken glass from the window and cut his throat. The second ingested a bottle shampoo. Ambulance had arrived hours later the incidents. According the website of the antiracist group KEERFA, it still remains unknown the health situation of the two men. greek source:

pic– Villagers on the Greek island of Thassos have prevented the fascist Golden Dawn party from handing out free food for a second time within a week. Last week on April 2nd,  in Potamia village, the residents organized an antifascist protest to block the neonazi event (read more here) The second scheduled hand out of food in Panagia was cancelled by the fear of the antifascist mobilization of village residents.  Video from the protest here

paterApril 8th: neonazis and riot police are surrounding the Maragopouleio squat in Patras, Greece, anarchists and antifascists responded  by fighting back. At least 500 antifascists  in solidarity have gathered outside the squat. The police has used a great amount of tear-gas. A video from the attack here

gd12– Two months after they entered a hospital in Tripoli looking for privately employed foreign nurses, Golden Dawn members have searched another hospital, this time in Kalamata, apparently for the same purpose. Led by an MP Dimitris Koukoutsis, the rightwing extremists arrived at the hospital at around 10pm on Monday, planning to check the papers of foreign nurses. At the hospital, the Golden Dawn members encountered a group of Roma, who had brought a 22-year-old to the hospital for treatment. Fearing that they were the target of Golden Dawn, the Roma alerted the police. Golden Dawn later denied it intended to attack the Roma. But according to the local press, Koukoutsis said: “We won’t regard them as equal citizens until they stop their involvement in delinquency”, adding that he didn’t believe this would ever be possible as “gypsies are delinquent in their DNA”. source EnetEnglish

116804-oasthApril 10th: A bus driver in Thessaloniki (North Greece) has been accused of forcing two immigrant passengers to get off the bus. According the Greek media the bus driver stopped the bus and demanded from the two passengers to leave because of their skin colour. At the same time  he was shouting to them that “he is a member of golden dawn”. The new case is under investigation after the one passenger filled a formal complain. The case is taken on by lawyers volunteers who are members of an antifascist assembly in the city.


indymedia-thumb-large-thumb-large-thumb-mediumApril 11th: Athens indymedia the busiest, most famous website of radical left and grassroot/antiauthoritarian groups in the country shut down by the Greek authorities. Indymedia Athens went offline at around 8pm owing to “pressure from a prosecutor”. The hosting server is located at the polytechnic university.

antigoldApril 12th: Tension is high in Ierissos, Chalkidiki, Northern Greece, after police broke down doors and entered into the houses of two suspects, arresting them in front of the eyes of horrified wives and children. According to police the two men, 44 and 33 years old, were allegedly involved in an arson attack at the nearby gold mining site. The arrests at 3.30 in the morning alarmed the residents who moved out and attacked the local police station, breaking in, causing damages and setting furniture on fire. No police officer was present during the raid, as the station was closed for the night. source

antigold April 15th: The two men 33 and 44 years old, residents  of the village of Ierissos have been remanded in custody in connection to the February arson attack on the offices of Hellas Gold in Skouries, Halkidiki. Police claims that found dna of the two suspects in the area of the attack. According the newspaper Kathimerini, the 33-year-old said that a woollen hat found near the scene with his DNA had been lost another day when he was cutting wood in the forest. The 44-year-old was linked to the attack via a shotgun found in his house. He said he used the gun to hunt in Skouries forest. The people of Ierissos  have been protesting since the last days in demand the release of the two men.

images April 16th: Fire occurred at the building of Ierissos’s police station at 6 in the morning, so far for unknown reasons. The operation of Ierissos police station was suspended by a decision of the headquarters of the Greek Police after the attack by inhabitants last week, who caused damages and set furniture on fire. greek source:

Greece Elections Far Right – A top European official said that Greece could theoretically ban its ultra right-wing Golden Dawn party. The Council of Europe‘s human rights commissioner Nils Muizniekssaid in a report that the embattled southern European country had failed to control the spread of violence committed by followers of the fascist party. In particular, the government has failed to curb hate crimes against migrants. source

manolada1-thumb-large – At least 34 Bangladeshi workers ended up in the hospital after they were shot by land caretakers in the strawberry fields in Nea Manolada, Ilia. Dozens of angry foreign workers who were unpaid for at least six months had gathered demanding to be paid for their work. Instead they were shot by the business’s caretakers. translated news by dotg and others here

immigrants-crete-olives April 18th: Three men aged 21, 27 and 29 years-old were finally arrested today by the Police for Manolada strawberry-picker shooting. Police have also arrested the 57-year-old employer at Lappa in Achaia.

manol April 19th: In response to the murderous attack against migrant workers demanding outstanding wages, the Minister of Public Order Nikos Dendias arrived in Manolada early that morning in Manolada, accompanied by police and labor inspectors. Mr. Dendias explained that “what happened here was not simply against the law, it was against humanity. It is totally unacceptable and has nothing to do with the greater culture of the Greek people and Greek society”. The Minister explained that on the initiative of Labor Minister G. Vroutsis, a law was passed allowing the police to investigate matters of uninsured labor. Mr. Dendias however accepted that the greater government failed to act appropriately. Mr. Dendias noted that “none of the victims is detained or will be deported”. source: newspaper to vima english version

november17-tank2 April 21st: On 21 April 1967, just few weeks from the scheduled elections, right-wing army officers led by Stilianos Patakos, George Papadopoulos organized a coup. Army under the orders of the fascist colonels invaded Athens with military tanks, early in the morning of April 21st.

tsoxatzopoulos April 22sd: The trial of former minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos and 18 others – including his wife, daughter, former wife, a cousin and former business associates – for money laundering charges stemming from alleged corruption in arms contracts got underway on monday.

Immigrants_Greece-3 – Supreme Court Prosecutor Ioannis Tentes orders that the strawberry pickers who were shot when they demanded six months’ backpay be awarded status as trafficking victims, effectively imposing an indefinite ban on their possible deportation. source here

nosokomeio-nikaias April 24th: New provocation by Golden Dawn, according to witnesses, as individuals who appear to be members of the nationalist union entered the Nikaia General State hospital wearing helmets and holding bats. According to the allegations they were taking pictures of patients and others who happened to be there. They were forced to leave after strong reactions by workers and public. source here

athens –  a group of anti authoritarians entered the main building of the University of Athens Rectorate (Propylaea) as an act of solidarity to counter-information media that have been recently gagged, after the decision of the rector of the National Technical University of Athens, Simos Simopoulos.

img.php – 12 Afghans and 4 Syrians began a hunger strike  on 24/4 Wednesday morning, refusing to accept the food they brought local volunteers,  who actually have undertaken entirely care for the feeding of immigrants and refugees who are staying at the port. The situation in Mitilini remains out of control, with the migrants begging the police to arrest them in order to get a paper from the state who allow them to stay in the country only one month. greek source:

πο April 25th: Approximately 2000 people were gathered in solidarity with the self-organized media (98fm radio and indymedia) and the right of freedom at the afternoon in Athens. According the protesters, that demonstration is a clear message to the greek government. Any attempt of defamation and attack to basic rights such as the freedom of speech will always lead to mass protests and resistance. source in greek

17-1--20-thumb-large-thumb-medium April 26th: Following a visit to the Grevena prison, the justice minister tells parliament’s standing committee on prisons that inmates bear identical burn marks on their bodies. An investigation into allegations of police beatings is underway inmates at the Grevena prison bear “identical marks” on their bodies, Justice Minister Antonis Roupakiotis told the parliament’s standing committee on prisons on Thursday, following claims by 28 prisoners that they were beaten by police. source here

No 587043 April 27th: Police investigation is under way in the wider area of Corinth for the detection and arrest of three Afghan, who escaped from the detention center of the city. The three immigrants escaped by jumping the fence of the camp who were detained. Useful to say that the detention camp of Corinth was criticised and considered in the past for the conditions inside the place where basic human rights  are violated daily. greek source: here

xrisi-avgi-eurokinissi-660_18City of Patras: A trial was completed,  a member of the Golden Dawn which had sued 10 days ago by the trade unionist and member of the GSEE Dimitris Karageorgopoulos, for threat and verbal abuse. The Golden dawner had phoned on 11 April at 22.08pm at Dimitris Karageorgopoulos’s mobile phone and had threatened to cause bodily harm to his family (wife and children). The neonazi who uses the nickname “Anastasios the Greek”, in an effort to terrorise the trade unionist said that controls the security forces, as well as himself is an “agent of EYP – National intelligence service”. The next day the neonazi was arrested by men of DIAS police force, carrying a fake identity of the National Intelligence Service. The Court considered guilty the accused and sentenced him 31 months in prison. greek source here

nosokomeio-nikaias – at the hospital of Tripolis, a city which is located in the south part of Greece, a journalist who was covering the neo-nazi campaign “blood only for greeks” was attacked by golden dawn members. SYRIZA issued an announcement directly after the incident and they have mentioned  the following: this attack is inherent in the nature and practices of this Nazi-criminal organization, which its members were in a Hospital for a supposedly ‘humanitarian offer”, clearly shows the hypocrisy and their purpose.

golden-dawn-blood-bank – The personnel of the General hospital of Samos island refused to facilitate the racist blood donating campaign “blood only for greeks”  which was organized by the neo-nazi party Golden Dawn yesterday. The people on the video mentioned that blood donating is a humanitarian act to every person who need it, no matter what ethnicity, skin colour, language etc… video here

χαλ – More than 300 residents of the area near Ierissos village protested  at the mountain of Kakavos (halkidiki). The residents protested against the plans of the gold mining company (Hellas Gold) to phase out trees. Tension prevailed after Special forces of the police arrived in the area. As emphasized by the residents the local authorities demanded from the company to postpone its activities in the mountain. The general of the Police announced that will continue the investigation to confirm  if company’s forest “deconstruction” is legal or not. greek source: here

ma April 28th: Anti-racist groups and organizations of immigrants have organized a spectacular, massive protest yesterday at Nea manolada. Besides the incident of racist violence and working slavery, 1000 people, mostly immigrants and members of left-wing groups from the near regions (Achaia, Arkadia etc) have demonstrated for the right of the immigrants in the area to work in good conditions as well as for papers and other issues related to migration policies of the Greek state . The demonstration started from the central square of the town and moved through the strawberry fields and ended in front of the local police. greek source and video: alternative news portal  and pictures here

larisa9 April 29th: 580 detainees in prison of Larissa began today a hunger strike to protest for the conditions in the prison. According their statement they will continue their struggle  till the satisfaction of their demands. It should be added that the strike began last week with abstention from food rations, asking for giving the food to people who need it (outside the prison).

more info in Greek:

image.ashx – A 23 years old woman died yesterday on April 29 after being in coma since April 9 in the hospital. She had been brutally attacked by her partner. The perpetrator, well known to the greek authorities for his “political activities”, he is photographed by the Greek media these days as a member of an extreme right group . According to the greek media, the perpetrator was also involved in a murderous attack against communist party (KKE) members before the last elections at the main square of Agia Paraskevi (suburb of Athens) . Till now He is not arrested by the police…. more in greek here


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