A greek woman murdered by her partner

A 23 years old woman died yesterday on April 29 after being in coma since April 9 in the hospital. She had been brutally attacked by her partner. The perpetrator, well known to the greek authorities for his “political activities”, he is photographed by the Greek media these days as a member of an extreme right group . According to the greek media, the perpetrator was also involved in a murderous attack against communist party (KKE) members before the last elections at the main square of Agia Paraskevi (suburb of Athens) . Till now He is not arrested by the police….

more in greek here


4 thoughts on “A greek woman murdered by her partner

    • Let me remind you that we are not all the same. And most of deeply detest political views such as those of the golden dawn. Your average Greek citizen is the true victim here, as we have to pay very high taxes whereas the rich get even richer by constantly making a profit out of this “recession”.

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