Patras Parents Charged With Sexual Abuse

The society of Patras was shocked by the arrest of two parents accused of sexual abuse of their three underage children, two girls and a boy.

According to the Patras Times, the man was sexually abusing his children for for a long period and forced his son to have sex with his mother in front of him so he could watch.

The father, 40, and the mother, 41, were held in custody and questioned as police continued an investigation to see if there were other instances of abuse.

The case was forwarded to a prosecutor and a forensic report is waiting along with a physical examination of the children. The case came to light when one of the girls told a relative, who called police.

A few days later the older daughter filed a complaint and described in detail to the police officers what she said were the horrific things their father and mother forced them to do.

A police officer said to the local website: “I haven’t seen such an incident during the 31 years that I’m in service. Mother and Father forcing their children into orgies, which are indescribable. Even the most morbid brain can’t imagine such things.”

source: greek reporter


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