Racist violence bill gets ‘frozen’


The bill for the penal treatment of racist violence and xenophobia that was being promoted by the ministry of Justice gets – at least for now – frozen.

Following orders from the Prime Minister, the bil is withdrawn so that it will be subject to further processing, as it is considered that several of its provisions may rise constitutional issues or are ‘badly formulated’.

The anti-racist bill was completed at noon on Friday and then sent to the Government’s General Secreteriat, the Minister of State and the party leaders. Reportedly, it was fromed on the basis of the draft law that had been previously submitted in the Paliament. All the pertinent  proposals put forward by Deputy Minister Karagounis had been accepted by the Law Commission of Judges of the Ministry.

The State Minister Dimitris Stamatis and the General Secretary of the Government Takis Baltakos issued mandates for the withdrawal of the bill.The government partners have been reportedly informed about the government’s decision and hae expressed themselves in favor of the direct forwarding of the new stricter anti-racist legal framework in the parliament.

According to sources, the problems likely to arise from the application of provisions of the bill had already been presented to the government through appeals by the Communist Party and the Church, which were justified by the Maximos Mansion.

It is indicative what is being reported by government sources, namely that the provision for the prosecution of groups or organizations that promote “animosity and rivalry” could make KKE face criminal liability for its defence of class struggle, while  the corresponding issues that seem to arise for the Church have to do with the fact that almost all the priests from the pulpit denounce Jehovah’s Witnesses.

According to the same sources, a major issue could arise with the provision according to which refusal to recognize genocide is rendered criminal offence. “The Golden Dawn, instead of being accountable, could take advantage of this provision and seek to prosecute MPs who do not consider genocide the Asia Minor disaster, which has been recognized as genocide by the Greek parliament,” says the same source.

[Translated from ‘Ta Nea’ mewspaper, 10/05/2013, found online at:]

source: I cant relax in Greece


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