Foreign students without stay permit to be excluded from Greek graduation exams

Punished for their parents’ unemployment



Foreign students are excluded from the panhellenic exams. They cannot have access to the Universities or the Technological Educational Institutes and they cannot get their high school diploma without the stay permit.

According to the claims of immigrant rights groups, many immigrant parents may have lost their residence permit due to unemployment.

The prohibition also applies to those children of immigrants that were born in Greece and have attended Greek school.

The relevant provision of 2010 states:

“The candidates who submit their documents must have their passports (VISA) or permit to demonstrate lawful presence in Greece. In case the documents are not submitted by the candidate himself, an authorized person must submit a formal protestation that the candidate is abroad.

When the candidate is in Greece and the documents are submitted through authorisation, a certified copy of the passport (VISA) or stay permit has to be submitted as proof of the applicant’s legal presence in Greece.”

[Translated from ‘’, 14/05/2013, found online at:]

source: i cant relax in greece


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