6-year-old drowns off Farmakonisi coast

 The Shipping and Aegean Ministry says that a 6-year-old drowned off the coast of Farmakonisi in the Aegean Sea when a small boat carrying illegal immigrants sank on Wednesday

A 6-year-old girl drowned when a small boat crammed with immigrants trying to enter Greece illegally sank off an eastern Aegean Sea islet. The Shipping and Aegean Ministry says 21 people, mainly Syrians, were rescued after the vessel foundered for unknown reasons on Wednesday off Farmakonisi. The nationality of the drowned child was not available. Uninhabited Farmakonisi, just off the Turkish coast, is regularly used by human trafficking rings to drop off people who pay them handsomely to be clandestinely taken into Greece. Greece is the main gateway for tens of thousands of immigrants who illegally enter Europe every year seeking a better life. Fatal sea accidents are frequent, with smuggling rings piling migrants into overcrowded, unseaworthy craft to make the short but often rough crossing from Turkey.

source: enetenglish


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