Athens Pride 2013 : June 8, Klafthmonos Square

The annual Athens pride this year will take place on June 8 at klafthmonos square like every year since the beginning of the gathering. 

Athens Pride started as as small grassroots initiative gathering a few hundred activists in 2005 and quickly grew to become one of the most popular and most significant all day events of the city. With the main event attracting over 12,000 people in 2012, it is the largest pride event in SE Europe. Regardless of this growth and success, Athens Pride retains it’s grassroots, all volunteer, non-profit character.

Athens Pride is unlike any other in many ways. One example: For the past 3 years an auction named “Artists for Athens Pride” has provided most of the funding for Athens Pride, enabling it to produce free public cultural and political events that are enjoyed by thousands.This extraordinary display of sensitivity and conscience on the part of artists in Greece and abroad has made Athens Pride unique, as the only Pride in the world to be primarily supported by the visual arts community!



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