Police to review parliamentarian gun licences

 The police will review the licences of around 50 members of parliament who have gun permits after a Golden Dawn MP’s weapon goes off at Athens airport. They are also examining how a round was left in Antonis Gregos’ gun after the ammunition clip was removed and the weapon handed to an airline official

Amid growing political anger over a rising number of incidents involving Golden Dawn MPs and firearms, the police have said that the licences of politicians who hold gun permits will be reviewed.

The decision comes after MP Antonis Gregos’ gun went off in the Athens international airport during the process of it being stored by an Aegean Airlines official ahead of a flight to Thessaloniki.

A police official told the Associated Press that authorities will now re-examine the gun licences of politicians, including whether “the necessary psychiatric documentation has been submitted.”

The official added: “And obviously the behaviour of each lawmaker will play a part – that is whether they were involved in incidents where they threatened to use a gun or made intimidating moves.”

No one was injured but the gaffe drew broad condemnation from mainstream parties and prompted a quick government decision to review all licenses granted to the 50 or so (out of 300) lawmakers who have such permits.

Police have also ordered an investigation into how a round was apparently left in the chamber of Gregos’ gun after the ammunition clip was removed and it had been handed over to an Aegean Airline official.

More than a dozen of Golden Dawn’s 18 lawmakers are believed to hold gun permits, although police have declined to issue full details, citing security concerns.

A number of members of parliament from other parties have warned of the danger of Golden Dawn MPs carrying guns after a series of incidents involving members of the extreme right party, prompting parliament to forbid its members to enter the building armed.

“You can’t have lawmakers who are loony, fascists, populists or idiots walking through [Parliament] with guns,” New Democracy MP Fotini Pipili argued before the ban was imposed.

A statement from Pasok said: “Golden Dawn’s guns have their safety catches off and are ready to shoot anyone.”

Meanwhile, main opposition Syriza called for an end “to the unchecked behaviour of fascist groups.”

Golden Dawn didn’t immediately issue a statement about the incident.

source: enetenglish


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