Kasidiaris denies the holocaust on a parliament speech

Golden dawn neonazi MP Kasidiaris denied the existence of the holocaust on a speech in the greek parliament today. Kasidiaris made anti-Semitic  comment during a debate in the parliament concerning the Lagarde list of greeks with bank accounts in Swiss banks.  Kasidaris, the only Golden Dawn MP on Lagarde list investigation committee, said that a Greek-Israeli financier, Sabby Mionis, is refusing to attend a sitting of the committee where “Holocaust deniers” sitting on it. Kasidiaris commented on that statement  “ofcourse They are deniers of the holocaust in the committee” something that elicited strong reactions of other MPs such as Vasilis Oikonomou from the Democratic left party which his reply was also referring  on the debate regarding the antiracist bill: “What would happen a Holocaust denier in Germany? Five years’ prison,”

more in greek: newsbeast


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