Special Illegal Acts provision by Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn submitted on Tuesday its own draft of antiracist legislation in which there is a clause for special illegal acts. The proposed legislation ‘for cracking down on racism against Greeks’ which had been pre-anounced by GD, is totally opposed to Roupakiotis’ antiracist law draft, while its title alone does not make a case for combating racism.

In its statement, GD denounces the ‘systemic parties’, as it characterizes them, ‘which for days were competing with each other as to which is going to submit the most severe antiracist legislation in order to reproduce delinquency and make Greeks a minority in our country’.

With this specific proposal, GD proposes ‘special illegal act crimes committed by illegal immigrants’, while in the preamble they speak of ‘preserving national memory’.

GD’s MP’s decry the antiracist legislation drafts submitted by the other parties, which they characterize ‘disgrace’.

Pasok, in a statement, talks of the ‘audacious move by Golden Dawn to submit “antiracist” legislation, which highlights the great responsibility of the democratic forces, notably ND and SYRIZA’.


[Article translated from ‘Eleftherotypia’ newspaper, 04/06/13. Found online at:]

source: I can’t relax in Greece


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