‘Robin of the Supermarket’ group acquitted in Larisa

The four students who were accused of robbing a Larisa supermaket in 2009 and then distributing the food in a nearby laiki market have been acquitted for lack of evidence


Four students who were collectively dubbed ‘Robin of the Supermarket” for allegedly stealing food from a supermarket in the Larisa and distributing it at one of the city’s food markets have been found not guilty because of lack of evidence.

The four suspects – two boys and two girls – were arrested in 2009 in Larisa, central Greece, and the trial was held on Tuesday, with a large number of supporters inside and outside the courthouse.

The evidence against them amounted to them running away when approached by police at the market.

However, a number of witnesses said the four were with them at the time of the supermarket robbery.

The court also heard from witnesses that the accused had been targeted due to previous “social activity”, which is the reason they ran from the police.

The four denied stealing the food and told the sitting prosecutor that they would have admitted to the crime “for ideological reasons” if they had.

source: enetenglish


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