YouTube removes an online broadcast of Golden Dawn

The first online broadcast of Golden Dawn hosted by the two leading deputies Ilias Kasidiaris and Ilias Panagiotaros has been removed from the page of the social network for free video distribution YouTube. The reason for the measure indicated by the network is “the failure to comply with local legislation.” Another popular video sharing network, namely Dailymotion has done the same as well.

This has infuriated the members of the extreme right-wing party which issued a message stating that another website would continue to transmit the broadcasts.

Both networks have strict terms of use of their services and of the video content, and the commentators have perceived the interruption of Golden Dawners’ broadcast as fully expected.

The party is irritated by the ban and describes it as an “absolute isolation of the nationalist movement.” Its message reads,

“The complete isolation of the nationalist movement from all media has unfortunately reached the web. Therefore, the first political broadcast of Golden Dawn, which was transmitted last night via the Internet, has been removed from YouTube due to the failure to comply with local legislation. What else will the world system think of in order to hamper the tremendous progress of Golden Dawn?”

Several hours later, Dailymotion network also removed the broadcast, incurring Golden Dawners’ wrath. In the second message on the occasion, the party states, “Despite the unacceptable and undemocratic actions taken by YouTube and Dailymotion, the online TV channel of the nationalist movement will continue to broadcast normally via another website.”

At the same time, Maria Repousi, a deputy of Democratic Left and history teacher, has submitted to the Ministry of Education a letter in connection with the invasion of Golden Dawn and its fascist practices in schools.

The letter has been signed by academics – members of the network for practical exercises in pedagogical faculties for preschool training.  In it they state that the enrolment of children of immigrants in municipal kindergartens in different parts of Greece takes place only at the beginning of the school year. They also describe a very recent case in Thessaloniki, namely, that “a group of Golden Dawn’s supporters surrounded a mother and told her that other parents and teachers had complained of the presence of her child, who professes another religion and was not allowing the teachers to talk about Christ”.

The teachers argue that such scenes take place across the whole country but often they do not reach the public because the threatened parents fear a worse continuation of the “remarks”. That is why they prefer to leave their children at home and do not file complaints in the relevant government departments.

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