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Health minister reintroduces forced HIV testing

The brainchild of Pasok health minister Andreas Loverdos, the crackdown resulted in the detention and subsequent forced testing of women and the publication of their names, personal details and photographs in the media


A controversial measure that allows the police to detain people for the purpose of forced HIV tests has been reinstated by Adonis Georgiadis, in one of his first decisions as health minister.

The measure, introduced by Pasok health minister Andreas Loverdos shortly before the May 2012 general election, resulted in the round-up and subsequent forced testing of hundreds of women. The 17 found to be HIV positive had their names, personal details and photographs published in the media, on the groups of protecting public health. read the rest of the article here

A new documentary Ruins Chronicle of an HIV witch-hunt

In May 2012, in the run-up to the general election, the Greek authorities rounded up hundreds of women from the streets of Athens. They made them take rapid tests for HIV. Those diagnosed positive were charged with prostitution and the intent to spread the virus. Their mug shots, names and personal details were published in the media.
They were imprisoned. And they became unwitting pawns in a political game by a system hungry for scapegoats.

Directed by Zoe Mavroudi, Ruins features exclusive interviews with two of the women, two of their mothers, lawyers, journalists, doctors and activists, who campaigned for the women’s release.

Ruins is in the final stages of editing and will be released in September 2013. It is the first feature-length documentary produced by radiobubble’s team of volunteer citizen journalists

preview below


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