A few words about the Amygdaleza immigrants uprising

Greek government, has long tried to erase all elements alien to its xenophobic, homophobic, antisemite, sexist, nationalist and fascist culture. Detention camps for immigrants, are just the beginning of the re-emergence of the inherent fascism of most greeks. For the last two years, thousand of immigrants have been arrested and transported to high security camps, waiting for their deportation under awful living conditions.

After an announcement making clear that the immigrants imprisoned at Amygdaleza camp will have to wait for 6 more months (the initial plan was imprisonment for 12 months), an uprising followed. The riot police responded with extensive use of chemicals and violence. At the moment, the prisoners of Amygdaleza are being restricted in small containers lacking a/c and basic hygiene.

The uprising of the immigrants at Amygdaleza detention camp is self-evident. Every human being with dignity, reason and courage would rise against the prison built for her by the state of the greeks. This specific camp, is nothing less than a small scale image of a society intended for all those considered abnormal, alien or without use value, existing in the imaginary of the nation. Detention conditions in this hell hole are well known, but the ruling strata of this country should be aware that the uprising at Amygdaleza camp, is just a moment among many others in the past and many that will follow in the future. It is our duty to stand next to those rising against their own annihilation with every means available, militant and in solidarity with them, until their liberation from all the detention camps in the country. Until then, we will not have the right to enjoy a tranquil sleep or read poetry during romantic sunsets because such an attitude would be synonymous to greek barbarity.

by grassrootreuter translated by parodie der utopie

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