Goldendawners closed the borders in Kakavia


Golden Dawn members closed the borders with Albania yesterday afternoon, after participating in an event in Grammos.


Led by the party’s MP Christos Pappas and together with MPs Christos Rigas and Konstantinos Barbarousis, Goldendawners from Epirus and Aitoloakarnania closed the borders.

According to [local news website], the reason was the recent incidents in Premeti.

For around an hour the gathered crowd kept the borders closed while shouting slogans about Northern Epirus.

“We came to these artificial borders in order to demonstrate our struggle for the liberation of Northern Epirus. Albania is scared of Golden Dawn because it is the only party that includes in its program the struggle for the Greeks of Northern Epirus”, MP Christos Pappas said.


“The Greek government of the memorandum provides the military bases of Souda and Kalamata to NATO allies without getting anything in return. However, what they should ask from the international community is the implementation of the Protocol of Corfu, according to which Northern Epirus should be independent. This will be the first step towards the liberation of this Greek land. I ask you to turn towards northern Epirus and sing our national anthem so loudly that it will be heared by our brothers in Agioi Saranta, in Himara and Premeti”, said Golden Dawn’s MP.

Translated from ‘Ethnos’ newspaper, 02/09/2013. Online at:

source: I cant relax in Greece


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