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Nightmare at Thermopylae

The neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn had organized a real spectacle of nationalistic kitsch which was reminiscent of the ceremonies with lighted torches, bonfires, etc. of the famous American racist Ku Klux Klan.

Mobilizing the local organizations in Greece and on the occasion of the anniversary of the Battle of Thermopylae, Golden Dawn was able to gather at the monument of Leonidas hundreds of its supporters who had performed the military-type ceremony exactly with typical commands, torches, summoning of the dead, laying of wreaths, etc.

Particularly impressive are the videos uploaded by the organization on its official website. They show how dozens of members of the youth’s organization of Golden Dawn are forming the typical Greek meander ornament with their bodies, holding in their hands lighted torches which, according to the official version of the far-right party, are “the symbol of the souls of the heroes”.

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