HRADF closes Embros Theatre

HRADF (Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund) officers accompanied by the police, closed the Free Self-Organized Embros Theatre this Monday morning. An urgent meeting will be held on Tuesday 7 p.m. at Agioi Anargyroi square, Psyrri area. 

In its announcement, Embros points out that the theatre is not mentioned as a space to be sold on the HRADF website and goes on wondering why HRADF decided to close the only free and self-organized theatre which exists in a politically “dangerous” area especially now.

embros-new-photo_CROPPED_1The same announcement, clearly notes that Embros is an occupied place promoting free political thinking and social action. It’s different from all other squats, even though it stands in solidarity with them. Citizens involved in Embros squat, its meetings and its activities, continuously try to succeed in coupling the artistic and sociopolitical activities taking place in the the theatre, the neighbourhood and the city in general. Dealing with the necessity of reflection and claiming urban space as a common good in a field covering the neigbourhood yet expanding in all society with the creation of vital gathering points, offering political expression and brainstorming in a counter-hierarchical and self-organized way characterized by solidarity, are at the core of the Embros project.

It is also pointed that after a year of diverse activities, social actions and two police efforts to close the theatre, the responsibility of the squat lies solely in the weekly gatherings where everyone can freely participate ragardless of their living place, as long as they recognize theatre as a common good.

greek source:  pressproject


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