list with the most significant fascist attacks across Greece the last months

This is a list with the most significant attacks by fascists and police the recent months in Greece. We found it on the web at the US based  website indybay here . The list even if not complete, it is a good example how the “dawn of the greeks” looks like today. 

01/06 – Formal grievance about racist police violence to immigrants in Kato Patissia
03/06 – Racists attack the residence of immigrants in the area of Aegaleo
04/06 – Neo-Nazis’ attack the offices of the political party “”NAR and the newspaper “PRIN”
04/06 – Thessaloniki: Barrage of transgender persons’ summoning before the police authorities
07/06 – Attack on the offices of the “Left Intervention of Citizens” in Vironas district of Athens
10/06 – Lawsuit filed by a foreigner for racist attack in Messolonghi
18/06 – Terrorist attack against an executive member of the political party NAR
22/06 – Second shadowy/parastatal attack against a member of the “Movement for Liberties and Democratic Rights in Our Times (ΚΕΔΔΕ).”
25/06 – Silencing of Athens Indymedia through a cyber-attack
25/06 – Formal Grievance: Fascist bullies hit teenagers in the center of Thebes.
26/06 – Fascists attack the LGBTQI community in Patras.
28/06 – Ten Golden Dawn members attack two antifascists in the center of Corinth.
30/06 – University students in Crete Illegally persecuted for actions of social struggle.
02/07 – Breaking and entering the dormitory of the Technological Educational Institute of Igoumenitsa
02/07 – Fascists vandalize the offices of SYRIZA – Social Unitary Front in Kallithea
02/07 – The Hellenic Patriotic Association attacks a transvestite event in Larissa
03/07 – Racist attack in Menidi: Mohammad Nadeem becomes a victim of a racist attack while waiting at the bus stop.
03/07 – Fascist attack on the lodge of the municipal party “Resistance with the Citizens of Chalandri”
04/07 – Fascist attacks on offices of the Municipal party organizations of ARAN/ANTARSYA
04/07 – Unprovoked attack of a gang of nationalists against 4 Greek university students in the area of Psiri, Athens
06/07 – Members of the Golden Dawn attack an antifascist concert in Kallithea – Athens
07/07 – Fascists attack a number of persons in the area of the Technological Educational Institute of the town of Karditsa and injure some of them.
08/07 – Two platoons of the Order Restoration Police Unit (MAT) and teams of the special police force DELTA surround university students who tried to prevent the meeting of the Administrative Council of the Kapodistrian University’s Deanship and summon them before legal authorities.
09/07 – Sexist flirtation of two young women by fascists in Likovrisi – Attica, followed by the walloping of the fascists by antifascists
10/07 – Approximately 100 members of the Golden Dawn, accompanied by police force, attack the Free Social Space “Synergeio” in Ilioupolis, Athens
10/07 – Unprovoked attack by teams of the special police force DELTA against people marching in solidarity with Kostas Sakkas in the area of Acropolis.
11/07 – Invasion of the occupied lodge “Nadir” in Thessaloniki, followed by investigation
12/07 – Racist attack by fascist bullies in Skourta
12/07 – Attack against the Solidarity Network of the 6th municipal district of Athens “Mirmigi” with an inflammatory mechanism
12/07 – Attack of Golden Dawn members in the Athens area of Tavros
13/07 – Thessaloniki: Continuation of unprovoked arrests of transvestite women (5 women this time)
24/07 – Clashes in Patras between antifascists and members of the Golden Dawn after an event organized by the latter
24/07 – The Order Restoration Police Unit (MAT) attacks an antifascist meeting in Patras
24/07 – Athens: Golden Dawn members violently whop an immigrant and throw him in the refuse dump
26/07 – Golden Dawn members attack a 16 year-old student and young activist of SYRIZA, in Patras
05/08 – Police invades three squats in Patras: a) squat “Parartima” in the center of the city, b) squat N. Gizi 33 of the Self-managed Resort of the Patras’ Technological Educational Institute, and c) squat “Marangopoulio”, where the 5 comrades are arrested. Later in the day, eleven solidarists are summoned y the police before legal authorities
14/08 – Th. S. dies by falling out of a moving trolley after his dispute with the ticket-inspector and the trolley’s driver in the Athens’ area of Peristeri
14/08 – After the death of Th. S., 13 solidarists in Thessaloniki are arrested for graffiti against ticket-inspectors
17/08 – Police Invades the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (claiming that they found bottles ready to be transformed into Molotov cocktails
21/08 – Police Invades the self-managed meeting lodges at the National Metsovio Polytechnic
25/08 – A citizen of Larissa is attacked by a Golden Dawn electoral candidate
26/08 – Police invades the squat at the Valveios Library in Messolonghi. The squat is immediately re-occupied by the squatters but the cops re-invade it and seal it entrance
27/08 – The court sentences 7 of the 13 solidarists arrested in Thessaloniki to 12 months imprisonment with reprieve. The prosecutor is extremely provocative reaching the point of saying: “Unfortunately, there exists the “presumption of innocence”!
29/08 – Police invades the squat “Antiviosi” in the city of Giannena
30/08 – Fascists attack the (accompanied by her African friend) Head Nurse of addiction cessation unit “18 above”
30/08 – An orgy of repression and manhunt in the city of Giannena after an attack against the Regional Administrator. A total of 77 persons are summoned but they are finally not arrested
01/09 – Attack in the municipality of Dafni against the lodge “MARIDA” (associated with a municipal movement where the Workers’ Revolutionary Party –ΕΕΚ) is one of its participants
01/09 – Members of the Golden Dawn attack a residence of antifascists in the town of Ptolemaeda
02/09 – Police invade the squat “Orphanage” in Thessaloniki and arrest 7 squatters
03/09 – Trial of Savvas Michael, after a lawsuit by members of the Golden Dawn for an antifascist speech he had made, as well as of the rector of the Polytechnic School of the university of Athens, K. Moutzouris, for the accommodation of the “Athens Indymedia” in the School’s premises


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