Greek Police and the Golden Dawn: A Complicated Relationship

138553-xrisi_avgiThe attacks against members of the Communist Party of Greece at Perama and the nazi style bullying that took place at Meligalas and Giannitsa reintroduce the issue of the unhindered activity of the Golden Dawn witnessed democratic citizens. Trade Union representatives and police officers deny their responsibility and put the blame on (non-existent) commands by the autorities. Those in charge of the police, talk about individual incidents and confront the base of the police force. Independent observers, remind us of the increased vote GD received from low-level police officers and point out the lack of proper education.

In older incidents of violence and racism, police and fascists coexisted and even cooperated. Those guilty of the attacks, were never tracked and punished and this is the case in all recent events according to a militant representative and syndicalist of the police force.

The same police officer, goes one explaining that the greek police is always informed about the neonazist events and gatherings about to take place but rarely takes action to cover them or prevent violent bursts. Greek police, appears hesitant to deal with such situations, even though in other cases, the leadership has chosen for obvious political reasons to organize several operations at universities etc.

Another office bearer, notes that even though the leadership might wish to deal with the increased attacks, there is a difficulty in managing forces consisting from officers with attitude and politics beliefs similar to those of the Golden Dawn. As a solution, he stresses the importance of a human rights and democratic institutions campaign, aimed to low-level police officers.

In any case, we cannot be sure about the motivation and the guidelines high-level officers and their political leadership follow or whether police chiefs use or at least tolerate Golden Dawn for higher political reasons.

greek source: tvxs


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