update: Antifascist dies after being stabbed by neonazis

A 34-year-old man murdered last night after he was attacked by neonazis and subsequently stabbed in Piraeus. The victim’s name is Pavlos Fyssas, a hip-hop artist involved in the antifascist scene of Keratsini (Athens).  He was stabbed in the chest outside a café at 60 Panayi Tsaldari Avenue in Amfiali, in the Keratsini district of Piraeus, shortly after midnight by a group of neonazis dressed in black. He was taken to Tzanio hospital, where he died shortly afterwards. Before he died, he managed to identify the perpetrator and his accomplices, according to reports.  The name of perpetrator is Giorgos Roupakias 45 years old. 


Originally, the Golden Dawn had refused any link to the perpetrator. However, in a police raid in his apartment, his Golden Dawn Party member ID was retrieved from the garbage, as allegedly he had tried to discard it.

The minister of public order and civil protection Nikos Dendias have announced that the government will start a process, reconsidering the state’s position and the constitution concerning neonazi violence, a statement which perhaps leads to the discourse of banning golden dawn party.

During the night, about 200 antifascists gathered at the place of the murder. There were also gatherings of antifascists in Exarchia, in central Athens, and in Thessaloniki.

Antifascists across the country call for protests in all major cities.

  • Athens, 6pm at Keratsini, near the spot where the murder took place.
  • Thessaloniki, anti-fascist block at the 10m demo, gathering at the Science School at 6pm, demonstration at 6pm in Kamara.
  • Chania, 6pm at Agoras square
  • Kozani, 7pm at the central square
  • Larisa, anti-fascist block at the teachers’ demoin the morning and anti-fascist demo in the evening
  • Patras, 10:30 am at Olgas square
  • Trikala, anti-fascist block at the teachers’ demo in the morning and anti-fascist demo in the evening
  • Komotini, 6pm at the main square
  • Mytilene, 6pm at Sapfous square
  • Komotini, 6pm
  • Preveza, 6pm at dikastirion square
  • Korinthos 7pm at perivolakia square
  • Kalamata 7pm at central square
  • Volos 6pm at eleftherias square
  • Serres 6pm at Kroniou square

taken from various sources


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