announcement on the murder of Pavlos Fyssas

On May 8, 2012, the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece, representing the Greek Jewry, in its press release announced that “the election of the followers of Fascism and Nazism in the Greek Parliament on May 6, was a strong hit against Greek Democracy”, and called upon all democratic forces of the Greek Parliament to join forces in order to “preserve our dignity and safeguard the principles of freedom, democracy and humanism”.

On September 17, 2013, Pavlos Fyssas, a defender of Democracy, was murdered by a sworn follower of Nazism. Our dignity, our freedom, our democracy, our humanism were literally violated. The punishment of the perpetrators is not enough.

We urge the Prime Minister, as well as all the leaders of the democratic parties to work together in the struggle against the “morphemes” of Nazism and Fascism in Greece, to cooperate for the voting of a strong and effective legislation that will combat racism, intolerance and anti-Semitism and undertake all necessary steps in order to ban from contesting elections individuals and / or organizations that profess nazi methods and have committed crimes against Democracy and society. All parties have to turn their promises into legislative action and finally stop those who seek the return of the darkest period of our history.

Those who deny the Holocaust, the ultimate crime against Humanity, do not just preach Anti-Semitism, they incite to hatred against the political opponent, the immigrant, the roma, the black, the yellow, the DIFFERENT.  Pavlos Fyssas was one of the ‘different’, he was a political opponent of Nazism and this is why he was murdered.

It is our duty to defend our dignity, the principles of freedom, democracy and humanism

Athens, September 23,  2013

Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece


2 thoughts on “announcement on the murder of Pavlos Fyssas

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  2. Kasithiaris himself should examine his genealogy as he surely does not have typical Greek looks so he should be the last one to support cruelty against other immigrants.Violence is not an answer to anything so I hope one day he and his mates are tried for crimes against humanity.
    War uproots millions of innocent people so he should fight for justice instead of promoting hatred,shame on you kasithiari,you are still young enough to change.

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