A group of special forces calls the government to resign

A group who calls itself special forces reserve union (KEED) published yesterday on its website, a text with 15 demands, calling the government and president of democracy to resign. Among these demands are the suspension of all laws relating to the memorandum and country’s debt as well as the expulsion of immigrants. Furthermore they also mention the exclusion from political life all of those who participated in governments in the past years at the country. According greek websites, the group has called for a strange manifestation on the 28th of September in front of parliament in order to demand the immediate resign of the government . A prosecutor in Athens has already ordered an investigation for the group and its website, where the text is published. Government members and judicial authors met late last night in order to discuss the new “crisis” into political life of Greece, as well as to investigate how serious for the democratic system these threats would be. According tvxs.grthis new provocation from this strange group of special forces is coming a while after the government’s initiatives to stop ultra right’s violence in the country.

more information and the 15 demands of the group here


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