Golden Dawn’s rise signals breakdown of the Greek state’s authority

Today, it is reported that elements in the Greek armed forces have been training Golden Dawn hit squads. There are allegations that there is a secret, 3,000-strong paramilitary structure within Golden Dawn that is being combat-trained by sympathisers in the military. It is appalling how credible this report is.

There was much idle chatter about a possible coup d’etat when prime minister George Papandreou was promising Greek voters a referendum on his austerity package. There was, allegedly, a state of alert orderbeing circulated within the military, about the possible need to intervene in the case of social disorder. The fact that the defence minister felt the need to sack a lot of top army officers also fuelled the speculation.

A year after this, though, the centre-left newspaper To Vima was still writing about a “coup d’etat that didn’t happen”, alleging that the defence minister’s actions stymied a coup – even though it seems the sackings were prompted by the army officers taking direct action against pension cuts.

read the rest of the article on Guardian 


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