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report from the antifascist demonstration in Athens September 25

Approximately 25.000 of protesters have attended the scheduled antifascist demonstration yesterday afternoon in Athens, after a call by antifascist groups, unions and all political parties except the conservatives “New democracy party”. The demonstration held at syntagma square near the parliament where a massive crowd of people have gathered to attend a concert at 6pm. After the end of the concert a large group of people left syntagma towards the main office of golden dawn on Messogeion avenue. Riot Police blocked the way to the main entrance of golden dawn offices and fired tear gas and flash grenades. The protesters have answered back with throwing stones and molotov cocktails. On the same day antifascist demonstrations took place in 17 other cities across Greece. Below you can find pictures and a video from the demonstation, taken from various greek websites.

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a video from the demonstration to golden dawn offices


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