University of Athens extends deadline for first year registrations

The University of Athens’ Senate convened today in order to discuss the ongoing strike of administrative staff in relation to the government’s suspension plans, which has resulted in the university unable to operate.

The Senate decided to extend the registration deadline for first year students to the 15th of November and to appoint security staff so that urgent university matters can be addressed, without interrupting the strike. In their announcement, the Senate members stress that the University will face serious problems and be unable to operate, as direct consequence of the upcoming dismissal of 498 administrative officers.

The Senate explained that the Ministry of Education’s interventions violate the University’s constitutionally-provided self rule principle and has demanded that the Ministry takes back its decision, in order to carry out “a fair, transparent and acceptable evaluation of the institution’s administrative structures”.

In order for this to occur, the Senate explained that the Ministry must appoint a Committee, with the participation of the University, which will take into consideration the relevant findings of the Authority for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ADIP).

source: newspaper to vima


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